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Sr Assoc Software Engineering-Application Development

Job ID: 74907
Listed on 9/13/2017

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Job Description: Sr Assoc Software Engineering-Application Development


  • Undertakes complex projects requiring additional specialized technical knowledge.
  • Leads effort to develop strategic architecture for functional domain.
  • Makes well-thought-out decisions on complex or ambiguous systems software engineering issues.
  • Ensures that system improvements are successfully implemented and monitored to increase efficiency.
  • Designs, develops, tests, debugs and implements complex operating systems components, software tools, and utilities.
  • Makes complex modifications to existing software to fit specialized needs and configurations.
  • Establishes and communicates common goal and direction for team.
  • Acts as a source of direction, training and guidance for less experienced staff.
  • Monitors project schedules and costs.
  • Acts as 3rd level support.
  • Gathers information, consults those who need to be involved, and puts decisions into action.
  • Considers the implications of options when making a difficult decision.
  • Plans, schedules, and arranges own activities in accomplishing objectives.

Desired Skills/Experience: 

  • Must be able to communicate effectively with both management and technical staff.
  • Must have strong problem solving skills and little need for direction.
  • Typically requires six to ten years of experience.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Systems Installer and application administrator experience to include; LINUX OS, application installation, application administration and some SQL experience
  •  Ability to use vi and/or emacs editors. 
  • Advanced knowledge of the use of fsck
  • Understand RAID configuration and how it is implemented.
  • Ability to be able to perform diagnostics on LINUX and UNIX boxes.
  • Know how to trace a process and be able to quickly parse the output.
  • Know enough about networking to be able to accurately tell which machine is causing the problem in a multi-machine cluster.
  • Know enough networking to be able to create firewall change requests.
  • Ability to properly and accurately document system configuration, architecture diagrams and other related information.
  • Be competent in the Microsoft Office collaborative suite.
  • Able to identify whether a system is I/O bound, memory bound, or CPU bound. 
  • Knowledge to identify and implement performance enhancements.
  • Network Administration Knowledge to include; firewall rules, switches, routers and TCP/IP
  • Some knowledge of QA (Quality Assurance Testing) and Software Configuration Management is required.
  • Enough programming knowledge is expected, so that you can identify whether someone else’s code is causing system impact.
  • Some knowledge of Database connectivity, and the ability to use ODBC, JDBC, JSON, etc.
  • Have decent knowledge of universal *nix commands