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We are KellyMitchell®, an award-winning technical staffing firm serving Fortune 500 and high-tech organizations on a global scale.

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With 18 nationwide offices, one national recruitment center, one world headquarters and employees in every state (yep, even North Dakota)

KellyMitchell® connects people with opportunities + clients with success.

"I have been a contractor for the last decade and have worked for several consulting agencies. That being said, I truly appreciate the professionalism of KellyMitchell. From the time of your initial contact through my hire, your team has been very communicative and made sure that as your employee I had all of my questions answered. The awesome part is that you continue to stay in touch and check in from time to time to make sure all of my needs are being met. I have never experienced this type of relationship with a consulting company ever. Once again I thank you guys so much for this opportunity, it has truly been a blessing for me and my family. Please keep doing as you do!"

- Jaraine, Consultant- Network Services

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Our experienced recruiting staff is ready to hand pick a selection of expert candidates from our community of top-notch tech professionals. We provide both established and emerging clients with a hand-picked selection of professionals who are experts in their field. Connect with us to go beyond the status quo and experience a different type of staffing.

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