As we discussed in our last blog, being prepared is key to having a successful interview. However, all of that preparation means little of you don’t also make a good first impression. In fact, our research shows that initial impressions are made within the first minute of an employment interview.

You can make a positive first impression if you:

  • Bring a fresh copy of your resume.
  • Start the interview with good eye contact and maintain it throughout the interview. Eye contact is key! You will benefit greatly from looking them in the eye.
  • Wear professional business attire, preferably a dark blue or black suit with understated accessories and jewelry.
  • Make sure your clothing is meticulously clean and color coordinated. Shoes should be polished.
  • Create a more polished appearance by being well groomed with neat hair and nails (go ahead and treat yourself to a haircut or a manicure before the interview).
  • Make sure you have a firm handshake.