KM Softball Team

We are entitled, lazy, tech enthusiasts; we don’t know much of anything; we don’t want to do grunt work, etc. As more and more of Generation Y job seekers enter the workforce, we are constantly being stereotyped by employers. I am here to debunk any and all myths you may have about Generation Y job candidates.

Myth 1: Gen-Y job seekers do not want to do the grunt work. FALSE. Gen-Y wants to prove themselves to employers. We are willing to do any job you throw at us. Gen-Y becomes hesitant when we fear that the work we are doing is going unnoticed or untracked. We want to be noticed and appreciated for what we put in to our work.

Myth 2: Gen-Y candidates only want the top jobs. Again, FALSE. Gen-Y candidates know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get there. When we walk in the door on day one, we want to hit the ground running and make an impact.

Myth 3: Gen-Y job seekers need to work in a fun environment. Nope (well, sort of)! Gen-Y wants to be taken seriously by their employers. We enjoy flexibility, working with good people and a fun atmosphere as perks of the job but, ultimately, we want to learn and be challenged during our time on the job.

Myth 4: Money is the only thing that will motivate us. You know what they say: “More money, more problems.” We understand that with more money comes more responsibility. Bring it on! We liked to be challenged and handle more responsibility but we understand that everyone has to start somewhere and work their way up.

Myth 5: Gen-Y doesn’t know much- We come in to the workplace with more information in our head and at our fingertips than anyone else before us. It might not be shared knowledge that people with higher education take for granted, but we know our stuff. And if we don’t, we will be sure to Google it until we can find you the right answer!

Gen-Y job seekers are not entitled, lazy, tech enthusiasts as many people think. We ARE willing to do whatever it takes to prove ourselves to our superiors and appreciate help and support along the way.