Gen-Y & the Job Search-

As a soon-to-be graduate of Saint Louis University, the fear of looking for my first “big kid” job is creeping closer and closer to becoming a reality. Will I find that perfect company to work for? Will they hire me? Gen-Y job seekers are having a difficult time getting jobs for many reasons, a few of them being that there is more competition, Gen-Y job seekers are becoming overqualified for most positions and most Gen-Y job seekers are not willing to relocate to where jobs are available. So, what does Gen-Y look for in their job hunt?

What we are looking for:

Gen-Y job seekers tend to want to work for smaller, more entrepreneurial companies. Why? The answer is simple- Smaller more entrepreneurial companies create a brand and an identity and stick with it. They are proud of who they are and passionate about what they do. Gen-Y wants to work for a brand, an identity that they can be a part of and call their own.

We want you to believe in us so, please, do not micro manage. You hired us to do a job, show us why. Let us handle some responsibility. Coaching and guidance are both necessary but; there is a fine line between guiding and micro managing. Listen to Tina Fey’s advice from her book Bossypants: “In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.”

As the intern for KM, I really appreciate the flexibility that I am afforded. Flexibility in the workplace is an absolute must for me in my next job. All Gen-Y jobseekers are looking for flexibility. Let us take a half hour out of our day and learn something new or work on a project aside from our work. Google does it- they give their employees time to work on projects every week and amazing things have come from it.

Gen-Y job seekers- what else are you looking for when applying for a job?