Whether you’re a recent grad, or a seasoned professional looking for a change, reaching out to these key people can help speed up your job search:


Past Employer: Burning bridges is risky business, and leaving your employer on good terms pays off big time down the road. Former employers know your strengths and values. They are connected to people in your industry and to professionals in your specialty. Let a past manager know that you’re on the market – they just might know of a great opportunity.

Your Friend: If you’re the type that doesn’t like to blend the lines between work and fun, don’t forget to talk to a friend or two about your job search. You never know who they could be connected to.

Your Family Member: Look at your next family gathering as a networking opportunity. Sure your cousin Sue might be a goofball, but she might also know of an opening at her company, or have a connection at an enterprise you’d love to be part of.

Your Volunteer Coordinator: Do you volunteer your skills or time? Share your job search aspirations with the outreach coordinator. Finding people to pitch-in requires a strong network, and folks who coordinate volunteer activities have many connections with professionals and corporations.

Your Community Leader: People like your pastor, city alderman, school board president, or condo association president are always fielding questions, concerns, and updates. Your community leader is well connected, and definitely worth talking to at your next meeting.

Your Stylist: Why is it you can tell your hairstylist – often a total stranger – things that you wouldn’t tell your closest relation? Use this dynamic to your advantage and mention that you are looking for greener pastures. You never know who will be in your chair next.

Your Recruiter: If you have worked with a recruiter in the past, it never hurts to send them an updated resume discussing the type of opportunity you are looking for. Even if you aren’t a fit for a current opening, they can shed light on the skills employers are looking for, and what the market is like for your occupation.

80% of jobs today are filled by referrals.

Who you know really is just as important as what you know when you’re looking for a better job opportunity. Spread the word that you’re in the job market to land the perfect position faster.


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