These days, landing a job starts with who you know; not so much what you know. As we stated in the previous article, 80% of jobs are filled by referrals. How can you perfect your pitch to your family and friends to help you land a job? For starters, it never hurts to tell your network that you are looking for a new job. You never know what you can find just by asking the people you talk to every day.

Next step to landing a job through your referral is perfecting your pitch. Perfecting your pitch is not only necessary for referrals, but also important for non-referred interviews. How many times have you been asked by an interviewer: “Tell me about yourself” and you could not produce a coherent answer? How many times has a friend/relative/coworker, etc. asked you what you are looking for in a new position and you could not give any explanation as to why you are looking for a new position?

Think of your pitch as a way to make a first impression when looking for a new job. A personal pitch should be about 15-30 seconds in length and give the person you’re talking to an idea of who you are and what you’re looking for. You never know when your pitch will be needed- at your salon, at your next happy hour, a family party or even in the office elevator.

Make sure your practice your pitch anywhere you can- in front of coworkers, family, friends, the mirror, etc. Once you’ve perfected your pitch make sure to use it as often as you can. You will have to adlib some parts but the more you get comfortable using your pitch, the easier it will be. So, what are you waiting for? Get to practicing and happy “pitching”!