Summer is the perfect time to catch the three Rs (rays, rest and relaxation), but that’s not completely true for IT consultants who are always in demand. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut this summer, focus on a few simple changes that can beat the summertime blues.

Pick Up a New Skill: Some consultants tire of constantly marketing their skills to clients, trying to line up their next opportunity. If your current skill set is less than fresh, try watching tech trends, adopting new technologies and adding new tech skills to your belt so you can stay competitive. While updating your expertise takes some time, it will be easier to market yourself to employers so you can land your next client more quickly.

Take on a Challenge: Consultants are subject matter experts, but it’s easy to get bored once you’ve gained mastery of your craft. If the daily monotony of your job is wearing you down, you may need to infuse a challenge into your work day. Explore new skills or tackle a new certification to push your career forward.

Make a Friend: While consultants are admired for the expertise they bring to the table, they don’t always have luxury of feeling like part of the group. Even if you go to an office everyday, distinctions employers make between consultants and employees can make you feel a bit like an outsider. Everyone needs a support group, so think about expanding your network. Join a professional organization, volunteer your expertise, or participate in a MeetUp Group to stay in touch with professionals who can identify with you.

Don’t let burnout bring you down. Changing your skills, challenging yourself, and socializing with other professionals are all smart ways to refresh this summer!


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