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$2.1 Trillion IT Spend In 2013
IT is big business, especially in the US. Forrester Research looks at global IT spend. See what categories are allocated the most dollars:

[From TechCrunch]

4 Lessons Learned from Agile Project Management
Project Managers never stop learning, and handling projects can magnify everyday obstacles. Check out these life lessons served hot by project management.

[From Executive Street]

“Problem” Team Members
Do you believe, as author Lisa Sieverts does, that there is no such thing as a “problem” team member?

[From Executive Street]

Welcome Onboard – The PMO New Starter Checklist
It’s crucial for new team members to hit the ground running and be productive from day one. Find out how to seamlessly onboard new starters:

[From PM Toolbox]

Consulting? Don’t Get Singed by the Summer Slump
Feeling the heat of summer burnout? Focus on these simple changes that can beat the summertime blues.

[From KellyMitchell]

Managing People Who are “Smarter” Than You
As a PM, you often manage groups of software developers who really know their stuff. What’s the most effective way to manage them?

[From Quora]


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