The war for hot talent is on, and technology might be your best secret weapon. This means that HR and IT will have to work closely together to attract talent, maintaining your advantage over competitors.

Today, HR and IT intersect at Social, Mobile, and Big Data.

Hashing out Candidates via Social Media

Social media opens up a two-way conversation between your enterprise and your customers, suppliers, and community. You better believe that job seekers are learning about your company and culture via channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Even a lack of social media presence can say a lot about your organization.

While HR’s role may be to develop the messaging and process around talent acquisition, IT will play a big role in implementing the social media strategy.

Can you develop a Facebook game for job seekers? Do you need to implement Twitter posts on your careers page? Can potential candidates interface with current employees via a Google+ hangout?

IT’s role is huge in building the infrastructure that will channel social media chatter about your brand into hires.

Capturing Passive Candidates with Mobile

The fact is, great candidates aren’t sitting at the library searching for jobs on a PC all day. Nope, the best candidates are employed, they’re on the go, and they don’t bother completing lengthy applications or emailing themselves interesting opportunities.

Mobile technology is going to help capture passive candidates who may have interest in the moment, but aren’t performing a dedicated job search.

CIOs will have to help HR deploy easy ways for candidates to search and apply to jobs on their smartphone or tablet. Whether it’s a job seeker app, game that captures candidates leads, or responsive web design, a mobile strategy is going to separate the men from the boys in the talent wars.

Assessing Talent with Big Data

It’s the information age and we’re constantly drinking from a fire-hose when it comes to looking for insights in the massive amounts of data thrown at us every day.

A great talent acquisition strategy relies on looking at the data on the employees you have, performance indicators, and the candidates you want. IT can make it easier for HR to evaluate overwhelming amounts of data faster and more efficiently. Working with IT, HR will have better ways to determine which internal openings are in demand, which talent pipelines need attention, where the best employees have come from, and where the best candidates are going to be.

Another source of data is social media, and the IT department can aid HR in pulling supplemental candidate information from social profiles, quickly generating a well-rounded picture of candidate leads.

Social data paints a clearer picture of candidates, but it’s also valuable because it provides real time information. Instead of relying on stagnant resumes alone, HR and IT’s challenge will be to pull in relevant candidate data that is clean, useful, and current.

With technological investments in Social, Mobile, and Big Data, HR also needs a simple way to measure performance metrics like quality of candidate, placements, and quality of hire. By providing efficient ways to assess ROI, IT can help HR to improve their talent acquisition strategy and make a case for future investments in the right technical resources.

Exciting Things are Happening where HR and IT Meet

CIOs will be instrumental in bridging the technology gap in the HR department. And when HR can efficiently analyze big data while putting social and mobile strategies into motion, they can make better decisions and hire innovative talent.


image from Owen Parrish