“Opportunities look a lot like work,” Ashton Kutcher said in his Teen Choice Awards acceptance speech for “Ultimate Choice” last weekend. It’s a little odd hearing sage career advice from That ‘70s Show’s airhead, Kelso, during an MTV award show, but it worked and went viral.

Kutcher reminds us, no matter where you are in your career, everyone starts somewhere. At KellyMitchell, some of our most successful people started at the front desk, answering the phone. They could have had the attitude that they were too good for the job. Instead, they used it as an opportunity to leverage amazing careers.

As a service organization, the front desk is important. It’s the first contact our clients and consultants have with KellyMitchell. The lessons learned in this service role carry throughout our careers, because our first priority is to serve the client. At KellyMitchell, our client is the Fortune 500 companies we serve, and the talented consultants we match to them.

Our recruiters work hard everyday to deliver on the promises we make our clients. We find compatible people to fill important roles. We get to know our clients so that we can provide them with not only the skilled workforce they need, but the type of people who fit into their culture and are successful at their organization.

Our consultants take these opportunities and run with them. They see consulting opportunities as a stepping stone in their career, a boost to the next level. Many times, an assignment with a Fortune 500 client is a foot in the door. With hard work, our consultants often turn their opportunity into a full time offer from our clients.

Opportunities don’t magically appear. They take a good deal of work. But we love working hard to create opportunities at KellyMitchell.

As a recruiter at KellyMitchell, the sky’s the limit, and we create our own opportunities to move up in our organization.

We work to create opportunities for our consultants to start a great job that matches not only their skills, but their interests and lifestyle. This gives our clients the opportunity to employ a better workforce so that they can continue to innovate and grow.

If you’re complacent, you’re moving backward. Working hard today, using your current position to provide excellent service to others will open up tomorrow’s opportunity.

You can check out Ashton’s speech here:

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