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[Video] Top Ten Project Management Templates
Whip out these top ten project management templates and you can use them to get off a desert island and back into civilization.


Tips for First-Time Global Project Managers
A project with global scope offers an exciting opportunity to work with people from many different cultures and skill sets. However, global projects also come with unique challenges.

[From Voices on Project Management]

The Project Manager’s Guide to Personal Brand
A PM’s personal brand can be used to quickly gain buy-in from key stakeholders – not to mention is a great marketing device for career opportunities down the road.

[From KellyMitchell Group]

I Project Manage – Therefore, I Am
One PM’s philosophical take on justifying the value that Project Managers add to an organization.

[From iamitpm]

First Steps Toward Recovery
Do you know what to do when you think a project might be headed toward trouble?

[From Voices on Project Management]

4 Reasons to Have a Stakeholder Register
The documented information in the stakeholder register may save your project by helping to manage the right expectations.

[From Chris Bisson, PMP]

12 Project Management Collaboration Tools
Having trouble getting everyone on the same page? Working with remote groups? These PM tools may help.

[From Practical Ecommerce]

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