Today, job seekers are finding the next best way to stand out amongst the competition. New trends in social media and the like are catching the job seeking world by storm. But, what many people don’t know is that there is one old trick that works every time: following up with your hiring manager. Staying on top of your job search is incredibly important. Wowing the right decision maker can be incredibly valuable for your future career. With that in mind, here are a few ways to follow up without seeming pushy:



  • Before you leave the interview, ask about the hiring timeframe. Ask how quickly the company is looking to fill the position and when you expect to hear back. If your recruiter says that he/she will be calling you within the next week and two weeks have passed, it’s completely acceptable to touch base and remind him/her about the timeframe they set.
  • Get a thank-you not out as soon as you get home. Want to stand out? Nothing will help you achieve this faster than a simple “thank you.” Use the thank-you to reinforce your qualities to the hiring manager. Recall a few things you talked about/learned in the interview to really impress.
  • Connect via LinkedIn. It’s a simple push of a button; just do it. Make sure to include a personal note when connecting with someone.
  • If things drag out, make sure to check in periodically. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the email chain going with light conversation and the occasional: “Where are we in the process of things?”


However you decide to follow-up with your hiring managers/recruiters during the job search process, make sure to stick with it and stand out among the competition.

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