A PM’s personal brand can be used to quickly gain buy-in from key stakeholders – not to mention is a great marketing device for career opportunities down the road. (Why personal branding critical for project managers –>)

But you’re a PM, not a marketer.  So how do you craft a strategic personal brand?

First of all, your personal brand is already out there – you just need to claim it.  You already leave a mark everywhere you go – from your online footprint to your daily interactions with your team.  Personal branding is just a deliberate move to shape others’ perception of you.

About Me: Filling out the “about” section on your social media profile, personal website, or on your corporate website can seem daunting.  But leaving it blank lets others fill in their own assumptions about you.   How do you sum yourself up as a project manager and a person?  To be authentic, don’t just say what you do, tell why you do it.

Social Media:  Present yourself consistently across all of the social channels you are active on.  Use similar images and information across all of your networks.  Make it clear that you are the same person represented on Twitter as is represented on LinkedIn or on your corporate website. Consistent branding builds recognition and trust among those in your community.

Thought Leadership:  You may not be penning articles for Forbes on a weekly basis, but you do have insights into project management and your niche.  Let your thoughts be heard.  Share content you find to be interesting or valuable through your social channels.  Add your ideas and opinions.  If you find writing to be a good outlet, set up your own blog.  Building credit with your network through thought leadership positions you as the go-to expert in your niche.

Communities:  A presence in both virtual and live communities adds value to your personal brand.  Give thoughtful answers in LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities.  Volunteer to help with your professional organization’s events.  A strong community presence puts you and your personal brand top-of-mind.

Networking:  As a PM, you may not feel like a natural when it comes to networking.  But there’s more to networking than mingling in a room full of strangers at cocktail hour.  Use your expertise to help others, and your network will open up naturally.  Mentor a young professional.  Volunteer to speak at your PMI chapter breakfast.  Lend your voice to your company’s blog.  Stepping up when opportunities open augments your network and your personal brand.

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