With Labor Day behind us, we’re getting in the back-to-school spirit* with a few tips for finding technical talent on campus:

1.  Focus on the right talent.

We’re in the era of big data, so use it to hone in on the technical degrees, credentials and skills sets you’ll need down the road.  Take into account the DNA of your current workforce, as well as future supply and demand trends.

  • Anticipate future openings that may become available as Baby Boomers in your workforce move on to retirement, or take on more flexible, consulting roles.

  • Forecast future talent supply and demand, focusing on roles that will be the most difficult to recruit for.

  • Determine which verticals and markets your corporation is planning on infiltrating.

2.  Become a true resource.  

In the competitive landscape for skilled IT graduates, attending a yearly career fair may not be enough to attract the best and the brightest.  If you are serious about tapping into talent on campus long-term, you may consider partnering with academic programs and organizations.

  • Provide guest speakers to give students insights into the corporate world – including what it’s like to work at your company.

  • Sponsor campus technology contests.

  • Attend on-campus interviewing sessions.

  • Provide technology scholarships.

  • Become a corporate adviser or mentor.

 3.  Use social recruiting tactics. 

Recent and soon-to-be graduates are digital natives.  They are at ease with accepting introductions through social networks, showcasing their work online, and applying through mediums like LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Advertise openings through your social channels

  • Showcase your employer brand on social media

  • Engage your talent community through discussion, contests, and content geared toward your target group of undergrads.

4.  Tap into your internship program.

Seasonal and part-time internships develop future employees while also connecting your organization to a larger network of undergrads.  Build a great reputation for your internship program by exposing interns to all aspects of your business, and engaging them in projects that make a real impact.

Back-to-school time is the perfect time of year to get back to the basics and ensure that your pipeline is tapping into tomorrow’s leaders.
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