CSA-BLOG-IMAGENot only is it the only IT job in a pool of doctors, surgeons, dentists, and anesthesiologists on US News and World Report’s  list of the 10 Best Jobs of 2016; it also comes in at number 1 on their list of Best Technology Jobs, and Best STEM jobs.  So, if you’re whip smart, but prefer to dissect computers over people, Computer Systems Analyst might be your calling. Take a look below as we take you through the various skills and experience needed to obtain a job as a Computer Systems Analyst.

First, a Computer Systems Analyst will need a Bachelor’s Degree in information systems or computer science or some combination of equivalent schooling and experience in the IT field.  Ideally, a CSA would have some experience in SAP, and one to two years of general experience working in an IT environment.  Business acumen is an important skill of a CSA as they are tasked with deciding the need and cost/benefit of new or improved computer systems.

In some cases, a Computer Systems Analyst will work as part of a Big Data team rounding out the modeling portion of the project or a Project Management team working up to PM role. The responsibilities vary, but here are a few typical responsibilities of a Computer Systems Analyst.

  • Responsible for creating new functions for existing computer systems
  • Research and implement relevant emerging technologies, hardware and software
  • Conduct tests to eliminate unneeded data, keep what’s working well, and improve inefficiencies

Common vocab & skill sets:

Here are some common terms and skills that Computer Systems Analysts use on a daily basis.  You should expect to be able to explain your experience with all or most of these in a Computer Systems Analyst job interview.

  • Oracle – The largest database management system
  • SQL – SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used to communicate with databases
  • UNIX – A multi-user computer operating system that’s been around since the 60’s
  • LINUX – the open source, free version of UNIX
  • Java – A major platform for development and execution of desktop and server applications

Common job titles:

In case your initial search for a Computer Systems Analyst position near you requires you to broaden your keywords, here are a few common job titles for Computer Systems Analyst:

  • Systems Architect
  • QA Analyst
  • Programmer Analyst

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