We’ve all been there. You overslept but powered through your shower only to stand in front of your closet with seemingly “nothing to wear”. It’s a plight that seems to effect all of us at least once a week and to be honest, weekdays seem to be the hardest. Finding an outfit that not only suits your workplace but also vibes with your evening plans seems increasingly hard to do. And then even when your outfit comes together, your accessories can pose an even greater challenge when trying to keep it professional and fun all at the same time. To help combat this problem, we’ve created a list of the 6 brands that every working women should know.

Of Mercer


Of Mercer defines its products as ‘Beautiful clothes for your workweek and beyond’. All their pieces are priced under $250 which makes them a great price for the high-end Italian and Japanese fabrics they use. Of Mercer purposely avoids any retail operations to help keep its prices low. Of Mercer also goes beyond dresses, with a great selection of separates and accessories.


Kit and Ace


For all of us who live in our Lulu’s when not at the office, you can rejoice. Founded by the same family as Lululemon, Kit and Ace sets out to make clothes from machine washable technical cashmere. These comfy pieces are easy to incorporate into your work wardrobe. I will throw out a special shout out to their pants (I’m wearing a pair as I write this piece). The concept is to apply athletic apparel principals to everyday clothing and we have to admit, we’re pretty into the outcome.


Dange Dover

The Dange Dover is the perfect bag for any working women. With some many pockets and compartments, it takes into account the many uses you might have throughout your day and with a philosophy “You are what you carry” that’s quite fitting (pun intended). Let the bag carry the burden of keeping it all together so you can focus on creating the life you desire.




MM.LaFleur is the brand that works for women of all ages. With its classic shapes and muted colors, their pieces cross over season to season quite easily. And while you can buy their pieces a la carte, MM.LaFleur recently created what they call a ‘Bento Box’. This box comes curated with a full outfit including pieces like dresses, blazers AND accessories. Fill out a questionnaire and then wait for your Bento Box to arrive, keep what you like and send back what you don’t for free. It’s shopping for the modern women at its best.




Maybe you feel like your outfit game is on point but your accessories could use a step up. Let’s say you love the idea of the Apple Watch, but are concerned over the idea of your Tinder messages popping up during your weekly sales meeting? Ringly is just the happy medium you’ve been looking for. Ringly is self-proclaimed ‘smart jewelry’ which emits a light or vibration when you get a notification. You set up which apps/people you want to get notified about and how you are notified. Their new Aries bracelet even tracks steps, calories burned and distance traveled on top of all the other Ringly features. These beautiful pieces are a great addition to any working women’s jewelry box.


Rent-the-Runway Unlimited


For the commitment-phobe who loves shopping, we’ve got the answer for you, Rent-the-Runway Unlimited. This extension of the popular dress rental service gives you access to three everyday items a month for just $139. With no rental/dry-cleaning/insurance/shipping fees this option is perfect for the girl with high-end taste on a budget. Pick three items from their collection of dresses, tops, jumpsuits, outwear and accessories and keep them for however long you want, when you’re done with a piece, ship it back and replace it with something new. Great for constantly updating your office wardrobe without stocking a closet full of clothes you don’t wear!