Are you the messy one in the office or the one that everyone goes to when they need antibacterial wipes? Maybe you are the one with framed quotes and printed out “good job!” emails hanging around your workspace.  If you are wondering what your desk says about you, look no further. Below we have decoded the clutterbugs, the clean freaks, and the motivation junkies to figure out the meaning behind your desk type…

Times Square- 

If your desktop is a cluster of papers and old coffee cups and the surrounding walls are covered in a rainbow of post its, it may not reveal the negative underlying condition that is generally associated with messy people. It actually means you’re probably pretty creative. According to a New York Times article discussed here, messes tend to drum up creativity and somehow inspire us to opt for new ideas as opposed to sticking to the same old tracks. So next time your boss tells you your work-space is giving him anxiety, be sure to explain it’s all just part of your creative process. Oh and maybe recite this quote from Einstein, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Which brings us to our next desk type..


Anybody here?-

There’s always at least one super tidy person in the office that gives us Times Square people a bad name. So tidy that if you didn’t know better, you might think that desk is empty. These people are more likely to play by the rules and might navigate life by way of their moral compass according to this article based on findings in the Journal of Consumer Research. So, congrats to all the super tidy people out there for being so virtuous and noble. If you are ever up for a job handling top secret information, you might find a way to squeeze this into the “tell me a little about yourself” part of the interview.


Shrine of inspiration-

If you surround yourself with positive thoughts, daily affirmations, or the occasional cat hanging from a tree picture, you might have the mindset of an entrepreneur. After all, for someone that has to constantly motivate themselves, how else are you going to keep your head in the game? Sometimes all we need is a small reminder of the bigger picture, maybe a quote to put things in perspective, or even a nice little confidence boost before a big meeting. Inspirational quotes can do each of those for you. We’re going to go out on a limb and bet your love language is words of affirmation too!