The KellyMitchell offices are buzzing with the words “Big Data,” “Data Analytics,” and “Data Science” all the time, essentially because we staff these positions all day long, but also because we are always trying to better the way we recruit top notch professionals for these positions. We have found that really any business or industry can benefit from a solid understanding of Big Data and its potential to grow your business and just make you a smarter shopper, manager, and overall person. Whether you are a job candidate, a potential recruiter, or a client, you could likely benefit from at least one of the following three books. We are sharing them because we certainly have. Enjoy!

1. Big Data at Work


You might not be a Big Data skeptic, but chances are you have someone in your circle that is. This book was written by a once half-believer himself, so it works well as a guide to understanding the Big Data cynicism and communicating better because of it. After having read all the great books about how data can change your life and that of your company’s, it is a nice reality jolt to read about the ways in which people feel it is a bunch of bologna. It covers the basics, while not skimming over the negative headlines; this is a great book for a well-rounded understanding of data analysis. “It’s a required reading for managers that need a straightforward, hype-free introduction to big data, a clear and clarifying “signal” in the incredible noise around the confusing and mislabeled term.” — Forbes

2. Moneyball


While it might be a “baseball book,” Moneyball is great for anyone looking to be inspired to use data to better manage their business. It is based on a true story about Billy Beane’s use of data anaysis to find and predict stellar ball players for the Oakland As, but also transitions well to the business world, where numbers can trump “the way it’s always been done” any day of the week. “One of the best baseball—and management—books out….Deserves a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.”—Forbes

3. Predictive Analytics


Once you have a solid background on the fundamentals of Big Data and the various ways in which it can and has been used to win in the world of business and even baseball, dive a little deeper into the world of predictive analytics. This book is packed full of real examples of how predictive analytics has been used in retail to predict buying behaviors.  “The Freakonomics of big data.” —Stein Kretsinger, founding executive,


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