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Software Developer (Back End) - Supply Chain

Irvine, CA | IT
Job ID: 83718
Listed on 9/10/2018

Software Developer

Job Summary: 

The Software Developer develops information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions.

Job Expectations:

  • Full lifecycle application development
  • Experience with SQL,ASP.NET,VB.NET AND C#
  • Designing, coding and debugging applications in various software languages.
  • Software analysis, code analysis, requirements analysis, software review, identification of code metrics, system risk analysis, software reliability analysis
  • Object-oriented Design and Analysis (OOA and OOD)
  • Software modeling and simulation
  • Software testing and quality assurance
  • Performance tuning, improvement, balancing, usability, automation.
  • Support, maintain and document software functionality
  • Integrate software with existing systems
  • Evaluate and identify new technologies for implementation
  • Project Planning and Project Management
  • Maintain standards compliance
  • Implement localization or globalization of software;

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • Communication Skills, must be articulate, and have a strong technical vocabulary
  • Display of initiative / self-starter
  • Understands Agile Environment
  • Software Developer Interaction Experience
  • Project Manager Interaction Experience
  • Web Application Testing Experience
  • Analytical Skillset
  • Detail Oriented
  • MS Office Knowledge (efficient in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
  • Familiar with 3-Tier Structure
  • Familiar with  Web API , WCF , .Net Remoting
  • Understanding of newer JavaScript Libraries
  • Familiar with Object Oriented Concepts / Inheritance / Interfaces / Static Classes 
  • Familiar with Managed Memory Architecture / .NET Garbage Collector 
  • Familiar with Windows Service Programing
  • Familiar with ADO.NET / Connection Pool / Data Reader 
  • Familiar with Parallel Programming / Thread-safe coding
  • Familiar with Cache Management   
  • Familiar with Micro Services and Docker  
  • Familiar with NoSQL databases(Elastic , Cassandra , Mongo , …)
  • Familiar with queue processing(MSMQ , RabbitMQ , …) 

Experience Requirements:

Generally requires a minimum of 3 years of experience in a developer role.

Education Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree Required.  An Emphasis in Computer Science is preferred.