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Communications Associate

Bellevue, Washington | Professional/Business Services
Job ID: 83770
Listed on 9/11/2018

Communications Associate - Visual Stories 

- You craft compelling visual stories for our teams. You will drive communication outcomes with our Senior Communications Manager, Product Management Team, our Leadership Team. Your typical outputs include presentation decks, newsletters, organization emails, and social media. However, your primary responsibility is generating these outcomes using strong visual-based stories. 

- You synthesize voice-of-the-customer and voice-of-the-employee data into compelling stories. 

- You write audience-specific content with a consistent communication voice appropriate to our product and organization strategy. 

- You cultivate design-thinking across our teams. You make a positive impact with a designer's perspective of our future. 

- Your craft compelling stories communicating PFS vision and mission. 

- You guide us on crafting appropriate internal marketing campaigns from story-perspective. You understand our team maturity and help us choose a consistent approach. Your recommendations may range from strategic content to specific communication methods. 

- You flex and adapt to evolving priorities and late-breaking requests. Changes in direction do not fluster you. Instead, you create structure and movement despite challenges resulting in even stronger outcomes. 

Your education, credentials, and skills should support your success. 

- Formal education in communication and creative skills. 

- Proven experience in delivering visuals and stories supporting organizations. 

- Confirmed ability to generate custom artwork that goes beyond stock clip-art and photos. 

- Available design portfolio for review.