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Project Manager II

Mettawa, IL | Professional/Business Services
Job ID: 85851
Listed on 11/30/2018


Project Manager II (non-IT)
Period;: 01/02/2019 to 01/02/2020

Work Location: 26525 North Riverwoods Boulevard, ABV1, Mettawa, Illinois, 60045



  • The Commercial Compliance Team (CCT) has a need to centralize responsibilities as they relate to ABS compliance operations, speaker program ABS, third-party program activities, and third party covered persons Core Compliance training coordination. 

Speaker Programs 

  • Review each third-party speaker program approval form submitted to ensure attendee types listed align with presentation selected 
  • If attendee types are unclear or incorrectly filled in on the form, follow up is performed by reaching out to Marketing/Host who submitted the request to clarify 
  • Monthly marketing compliance review for renewal of speakers via an Excel spreadsheet. Follow up with marketing accordingly. 

Review of monthly webinar analysis 

  • Deck length approvals per compliance requirements. Manual entries on spreadsheet. 

*Manage Third Party Core Compliance Requirements: 

  • Onboard new TPS identified by OEC and Purchasing.  Perform TPS Compliance Administrator requirements training, system access set-up/user support, and identify and assign appropriate BOPs based on TPS functions. 
  • Perform quarterly and annual TPS compliance certification, working with OEC Training Ops and between 25-30 TPS Compliance Administrators to ensure required training is current, appropriate contractors receive ineligible-persons screening, and appropriate Policies and Procedures are being made available. 
  • Provide TPS Compliance Administrators with Policy and Procedure updates/revisions via the AbbVie FTP site, ensure they are registered on the site and download the documents within 10 days. 
  • Perform an annual audit of TPS compliance with all requirements; request, review, and reconcile documentation to ensure compliance activities were completed and accurate.  Report non-compliance to management and OEC as directed. 

*ABS Support Additional Tasks: 

  • Address daily operational ABS questions 
  • Resolve help desk cases relating to ABS 
  • Handle help desk cases relating to late entered call submission 
  • Approve unlocking of late entered calls 
  • Monitor and report on trends with ABS and late entered calls 
  • Update Role Matrix 
  • Look up licensed states for HCPs for Marketing dinners (state spend states)