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Automation Specialist

North Chicago, Illinois | Professional/Business Services
Job ID: 87137
Listed on 1/23/2019


Job title Automation Specialist 

Period: 02/11/2019 to 02/09/2020

Work Location: 1 N Waukegan Road, AP31, North Chicago, Illinois, 60064-1802


Job title Automation Specialist 

Job Description 
Apply multi-disciplinary skills in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, controls engineering and computer science to design, build, and program a collection of laboratory equipment in custom enclosures to enable a complete custom automated platform for smart chemical process development 

•    Develop instrument drivers for pumps, chillers, stirrer motors, valves, thermocouples, Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), and related laboratory process equipment 
•    Integrate laboratory process equipment, process analytical technologies, and sensors in a customized setup using an appropriate combination of various types of advanced programming 
•    Use CAD software to design and set specifications on supported metal frames used for housing custom automated process equipment. Interact with vendors to build the required frames 
•    Develop relevant and necessary engineering documentation, including: process and instrumentation diagrams, electrical schematics, control panel detail drawings, instrument wire maps, user manuals, operations sheets, work instructions, and design reports 
•    Manage workload among changing priorities, alternating between hands-on instrument automation, software development, and automated equipment testing 
•    Interact with all internal groups, vendors, and third party custom automation companies 
•    Learn and continue to broaden your skill set of the technologies to deliver exciting, effective, and innovative solutions 
•    Design and implement automated systems to streamline processes, optimize the efficiency and scale the operation. Continuously improve the preexisting systems and troubleshoot any problems. 
•    Ensure that automation projects meet safety and quality standards according to regulations and company standards 
•    Stay up to date with the latest automation technologies and apply them as required 
•    Training of in-house scientists on the use of automation equipment 


•    Experience in engineering, math, or computer science with demonstrated experience in automation 
•    Demonstrated ability in programming and debugging embedded systems using languages such as LabVIEW, Python, HTML, or a combination of the same. 
•    Experience in working with appropriate CAD design software like Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc. 
•    Experience using version control software, such as Github. 
•    Should be familiar and have documented (e.g. Github) contributions to open source automation tools, such as Node, OpenPLC, node-red 
•    Demonstrated written/verbal communication, project management, and collaborative skills are required for this position. 
•    Use LabVIEW, Arduino, and electrical/pneumatic actuators to automate tests and experiments.