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“Opportunities Look a Lot Like Work”

“Opportunities look a lot like work,” Ashton Kutcher said in his Teen Choice Awards acceptance speech for “Ultimate Choice” last weekend. It’s a little odd hearing sage career advice from That ‘70s Show’s airhead, Kelso, during an MTV award show, but it worked and went viral.

Nailed It! Interview Tips for Gen-Y and Recent Grads

Spring is here, which means that graduation is just around the corner! But transitioning from college to career is not without its challenges. Finding employment in a slowly recovering job market is tough, and for inexperienced grads, the interview process can seem daunting.

KellyMitchell recruiters Jenny Manogue and Chelsie Sturm sit down with the CLA Career Center at the University of Minnesota to give recent graduates and internship-seeking undergrads great advice on how to ace the interview.